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The Odd One
11 Years
Apr 7, 2011
Montgomery, Alabama
I still have 20 viable eggs out of 25!
Since dad claims the game chickens are his, he has decided that he controls whether or not I hatch any more eggs. He had me candle a few days ago (way too early to really tell anything) and I marked all the ones I was unsure if they were going to develop. The five non-viable eggs all had a question mark on them from a few days ago. One was blood ringed and the other 4 were clear. This is my first hatch and I'm really happy to have gotten this far. I have my fingers crossed that the rest of the incubation will go well, with few if any quitters.
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I set mine on the 23rd. I have 11 out of 12 developing. The other was clear. There are 4 in my incubator (was 3 but one under the broody had a crack so moved it in to the incubator). There are 8 under my silkie. So excited, can't wait til day 21!
I had two temp spikes last night. Both hit 106. I ended up freaking out and candling. There's only one questionable and all the rest are fine. If there's not another temp spike I'll be candling again on day 14.
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