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    Oct 5, 2016
    so first post bit I have been lurking for quite a while as I have a backyard flock that was started in july. I have some viking chicken eggs (icelandics) in my incubator that I got from the local hatchery that breeds them. well I finally candled them and 11 of 17 are viable and could see the eyes and them moving a bit. I'm excited and I hope I don't loose any more! what has everyone else gotten as a common hatch rate?

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    Hi and welcome to BYC - great that you have joined us. For a proper welcome, feel free to introduce yourself on the "New members introductions" forum.

    I'm not an incubating expert, but i would imagine that it would be almost impossible to suggest a common hatch rate as there are quite a few variables to consider. Additionally, until you get to play around with your incubator, it can take a while to get the settings to their optimum (possibly more so with some makes, than others).

    I just hatched chicks 3 days ago, as my first experimental run, i only put 4 eggs in - 2 of which showed no signs of development. So, I was left with 2 eggs and got 2 chicks - 100% [​IMG] - not really very meaningful.

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