Candled Cayuga eggs last night!


14 Years
May 3, 2007
North Central MS
I got 7 Cayuga duck eggs in my bator, ranging in color from pale to black. I candled them last night for the first time, Night of Day 6, and I could see into all but the blackest egg. Of the 6 of 7 I could see, every single one was developing. I was pleasantly surprised, as I've never had that good of development of shipped eggs, and these came all the way from FL to IL. This is also the first time I intentionally hatched ducks.

LOL... I was jusiftying 7 eggs when I was only really needing 2 ducks to hubby... "they're shipped, shipped eggs never hatch well.. I'll be lucky if 2 DO hatch..." he said, "every single one of them will probably hatch!" Oops! Maybe he was right.

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