Candled eggs, day 7 in homemade incubator

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    So, here are some pics of our homemade incubator on the day we set it. The temps weren't completely up to snuff yet when I took the pics but since then they have been pretty steady at between 97 and 101 with 50 to 65% humidity. Today was day 7 so we candled them and had five of the white ones with beautiful little embryo spiders evident, including one that has a double yolk. We put it in just to see what it would do. The other two white ones we couldn't really see anything in so I'm going to leave the for another couple of days before removing. The five brown ones I couldn't see anything in so I don't know if my light isn't bright enough or if the roo doesn't like my brown egg layers. I wish my light was bright enough that I could have gotten pics of the eggs but all I could get was a big red blob to show up.

    Here are the parts we used to make the incubator. We had the ice chest and wire mesh. We bought the humidity/temp gauge at WalMart for $9 and the light parts for another $7.

    We moved the temp/ humidity gauge to the end far away from the light now.


    To keep the temps right we've had to adapt a little and leave the lid open about 1/2 inch on one end and we added a cloth to keep the humidity in the right levels. The bulb is 25 watt light bulb and the ice chest is just a styrofoam one like you buy at the grocery store. We used a plastic lid from a donut box to make the window on top.
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    The window idea is very original and unique. I like it!

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