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    My wife candled are Porcelan bantie egg's and out of 10 it look's like we may get 5 chick's on the 18th [​IMG] We just hope that 1 is a rooster.[​IMG] and this are soon to be mom.
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    If you have 5 chicks, the odds of at least one of them being a rooster is about 97%. You have 32 different possible combinations, including one where they are all roosters, but only 1 possible combination that gives all hens.

    With only four hatching, those odds drop all the way down to about 94% (15 possible combinations out if 16) that you will get at least 1 rooster.

    I once got 7 pullets and no roosters so the odds are not a guarantee, just the odds. But your odds look pretty good. Good luck!

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