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    I just candled the eggs, it's only day 5, but the one brown egg that I had that was very porous has what I believe is an air sac twice as big as the others. This is only my second time hatching, so I'm still not 100% sure of what I am looking at. But this one that is more porous than the others seems to have a very thick (like 1/2 inch) dark ring in the middle of the egg, whereas the others have a small dark area at the tops of the eggs. Any idea if this egg is OK? I know the porous shells need more humidity, but will that have any negative effect on the other eggs in the incubator? Also, the incubator is a still air type, so not sure how to increase the humidity since all I do is keep a well at the bottom full of water. Thanks!

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    5 days, that is a little soon to actually see what's happening. I'm also on my second hatch I'm on day 20 right now. In my first hatch I too had porous eggs and not one hatched. I don't think that they were fertile. I have read here on the BYC that people say that they can hatch, so don't give up. The dark ring could be a bloodring but then again it is kind of soon to tell. Wait a while and then check again. As far as increasing the humidity in the incubator. From what I've read is that you want to use new kitchen sponges and soak them in water and set them inside the incubator. The thing that I've learned about humidity is it's not the quanity(like a full glass of water) but how much area is wet. So if you put a wet sponge in, it will cover a larger area then if you would just put in a glass of water. Goodness I sure hope this makes sense. I'm sure someone else will chime in here if I'm wrong!!! Good Luck and keep us updated!!!

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