Candled on Day 7

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    Was shocked to see *something* in every single egg!

    Most of them had obvious veins, even the blue-green eggs and the dark maran egg were clearly not infertile, to my surprise.

    In almost all of them I could see the small black "dot" which is the ... what? Eye? Most of them were moving, some not so much.

    A few, all I could really see is an area inside that was darker than the rest, took up maybe 1/4 of the space ... are these okay or is there a problem?

    Unless I'm reading the candling results wrong, all 9 shipped eggs, plus all 6 eggs we added from home, including 3 from the fridge, are growing something!

    Too excited. I was expecting "life" in about half of them, at best. Still a long way to go to 21 but I'm trying. Accidentally spiked the humidity to 60% last night and adjusted the damp washcloth this morning (added too much water to it, too much surface area exposed, I think) and I noticed that my temp had fallen from 100-101 to 98 but worried about touching the knob (still air LG).

    Best of luck to all the other first timers!

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    Yep, black dots are the eyes! [​IMG] Isn't it fun??

    I wouldn't rely too heavily on candling for the darker or thicker shelled eggs. You just can't really tell much with the candling, except maybe if they are infertile. But if something is growing inside, it's almost pitch black when candling, particularly the farther along they go.

    Good luck and wishing you much success for a wonderful hatch! [​IMG]

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