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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by mustangsaguaro, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. mustangsaguaro

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    Nov 30, 2007
    San Martin, Ca
    Well, wooden_pony and I candled our eggs today. The eggs I got from Dipsy out of 15 only 2 showed clear. I got eggs from Eggchel (12) and none of those were fertile. And then got a few from ebay (11 total) and I think 2 or 3 of those were not fertile.

    I got 6 more eggs from Eggchel's daughter, and then got another 14 from another Ameraucana breeder, and those will go in bator tonight.

    I don't remember how many of Lisa's (wooden_pony) eggs were not good. But one we cracked open had a chick and we could see the heart beating. When we candled it we didn't think it was good. Needless to say we were very upset, when we cracked the egg open. There were 2 more of her eggs that showed clear, but we put those back in the bator as we didn't want to find living chicks in those after they were cracked open. So put those back in. I am sure Lisa will post here.

  2. sara

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    Quote:Sounds good! When you say they weren't fertile, do you mean nothing was growing? They may have been fertile, but were messed up in shipping. Hopefully you will have lots of babies soon! [​IMG]
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    Jan 30, 2007
    I agree the eggs can be fertile when shipped, shipping can cause no growth to take place....

    Good luck on the rest , sounds favorable...
  4. Katy

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    I don't know what day you're on, but I don't ever throw out an egg until day 14 unless there's an obvious blood ring or it's seeping or smelling for exactly that reason. I did the same thing back when I first started incubating.
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    Nov 24, 2007
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    Would you mind explaining the blood ring thing? I would like to understand this better with eggs in the bator.
  6. mustangsaguaro

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    Nov 30, 2007
    San Martin, Ca
    There was no blood ring at all. We could see a definate difference between the fertile eggs w/ chickies growing in them vs. these. They definately were not fertile. Plus, these eggs were not shipped via mail. I went and picked them up from Eggchel's daughter who is only about a 45 minute drive from me. So, the only shipping they had were in the car. And, when we did open them, there was no blastoderm. Eggchel told me the females laying these eggs are young pullets that just started laying.

    All the other eggs I got which were a total of 26 were shipped from SC and AZ. Of these 26 eggs only 4 showed clear. It appeared there was growth in the other ones, but was so hard to tell b/c the eggs are so dark (Ameraucana eggs). So, there are at least 22 eggs still in the bator from this first batch. And we put another 20 in yesterday and all will be candled next Fri.


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