Candled peafowl...Day 7 ??????


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Feb 22, 2008
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I candled my 2 peafowl eggs on day 4 but couldn't see I just tried again (day 7) and sometimes I thought I saw a shadow move here or there, but I'm not sure if I really did or not. Should these eggs be easier or more difficult to candle due to their size? Could a little chick be hanging out in the middle, just hiding from me? Or should I definitely be seeing something by now? I'm used to my silkie eggs..and I can always see those little chickies jumping around by now?
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Jan 13, 2008
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Pretty much the same really- their eggs are easy to candle. If you're not seeing blood vessels or what looks like the egg turning into half reddish half yellow bright tone when candled then I'd guess it's not best news but... since it is first time for you, wait until day 10 or 14 before trying again, just to be sure as the embryos and blood vessels will be extremely obvious by then.

The eggs are bigger, but so then are the yolks.. embryos are always between the yolk and the egg shell.

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