Candled with a new flashlight! Now that is cool!


13 Years
Apr 15, 2008
Dunlap Illinois
I'm on day 16.

I recently purchased a new flashlight - its rediculously bright - little thing, but it was expensive!

I though I'd give it a try for candling. The light I used before was OK - but I really couldn't see inside the egg. Just the air cell etc.

With this puppy - I was able to see the feet, head, beak, veins - it was crazy!

I was able to tell I had 2 new duds - they hade developed pretty well & then gave up the ghost for some reason.

In any case - I have 8 slightly sunburned chicks still kicking (literally - I could see it).

Hopefully by Friday I'll have 'em all in the brooder.

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