Candling an Ameracuana egg

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  1. I know I probably killed the spelling of Ameracuana anyway. On candling them... I bought my son a R-Com with scope to see. It is really neat and I can see the air space in the other eggs but the darker eggs....?. On the Am egg it looked like yolk in the spot where the air pocket is to be. Is this normal in candling those eggs? Also the Welsummer eggs it looks like pot a dots but has an air pocket. Is this due to the dark color of the egg? Both eggs were shipped incase that helps. I can try and take pics through the lens but I think that would be hard.[​IMG]
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    Mar 9, 2008
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    I could not see a thing with my EE eggs. I just had to wait and I hatehed 6 out of 10. The other 4 were not fertile.

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