Candling day 19 ducks egg


10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
So im at day 19 after a devistating loss of 14 out of 15 eggs i have one little guy developing nicely. Actually a little fast according to all the candling pics i have looked at he looks about day 20 or 21 but im only on day 19 of incubation. Should i lower temp a little according to my temomoters its been a steady 99.5 all the way through though. These are cayuga eggs and they traveled a long ways spending 16 days in mail most of the eggs got frozen. Im not really suprised to be down to one little guy but i wanna do whatever i can to insure that it hatches.
Sorry, I can't help you with your question as I am a beginner at hatching eggs, but I wanted to comment on the coincidence. I have one cayuga egg growing now on day 19 out of 11 eggs shipped. I can't believe how nervous I am about this one little duckling making it. Fortunately, I ordered 2 dozen more eggs which are now on day 3, so if the duckling makes it, he'll hopefully get a few buddies in a couple of weeks.

Best of luck!
Disclaimer: I have never attempted to hatch ducks, so any advice I give should be weighed accordingly.

But, I think if things are developing along nicely, I wouldn't mess with the temperature at all, especially if it's exactly at the recommended temperature. Getting the temperature correct and steady can be so tricky, I wouldn't want to gamble on it going screwy.
Ya i agree it proubly will just hatch early i believe over half my last hatch hatched a day or 2 early. Which at this point would be a good thing lockdown is gonna be quite a anxious time.

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