Candling...doing this right?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by amysue2012, May 2, 2008.

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    Ok I it couldnt take any more. I tried to candle a few eggs Ive got 3 doz in the bator, 2 doz are my mutts and 1 doz are bought EE (I think...Blue/green colored eggs, really dont think their auras or ameris). Anyhow, what should I see?[​IMG]

    I used a flashlight, looked at it from the side the larger end 2/3 was dark and the smaller end 1/3 let light through. They are on day 6 now. Ive got them in cardboard cartons with the bottom cut out to vent.

    This is my 2nd try. First hatch wasnt very good 6 out of 31.[​IMG] I was still ticked pink with my 6 little babies that are now 2 weeks old.[​IMG] As for the 25 that didnt make it...I broke them open and wooooo...smell that! Most of them had developed but were dead. I dont have any way of checking the humidity and that is possibly what was off. I am reading and learning sooo this cite.

    Anyhow my question is can someone tell me what I should see at day 6 candling?[​IMG]
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    For people just learning, candling should wait til day 7 or 10...candle from the top down into the egg...have the room very will see veining and the eye or embryo bounce or swimming around...

    This way you are not disappointed if your not sure of what you are thoughts..
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    I have rotten eyesight, and have tried several flashlights, and had about given up on candling. [​IMG]

    BUT ( after reading the advice here) Hubby bought me a 80-lumen flashlight at Wallie world..... [​IMG] (It's a sportsmen, around $20))


    I candled I know what all of you have been talking about!!!! I saw veins and eyes and swimming (and a couple of ringers and one clear). A few bubbles have me concerned.

    My hubby, I think I'll keep him. [​IMG]
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    Okay....this may seem a silly question, you remove the egg from the bator to candle? Can you candle the eggs with just the top of the bator off? I have 42 eggs that went in the bator on April 30th.
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    With this new flashlight, I can leave them in place, run it alongside each egg, and easily distinguish clears, rings, etc. I only do a row at time, then replace the top. I lose humidity, but the temps recover very quickly. To see movement, you almost need to remove the eggs.....which I do later at 12 or so.
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    Quote:That link is fabulous. Thank You.

    I'd really appreciate it if someone who knows all about chicken development and candling and hatching issues would read through and let us know what differences there are between the information given there for duck eggs and for chicken eggs.

    And/or send us to an equivalent link for chicken eggs. Meanwhile I'm going back to read it more and more thoroughly.

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    It always makes me impressed with the folks who years ago had to candle eggs with actual candles. How did they do that? I have difficulty seeing much using a flashlight!

    I guess I'll have to invest in one of those turbo flashlights others have recommended. I don't have an incubator but sometimes need to check eggs under broody hens. I keep a clay flower pot near the coop so I can put the egg over the hole on the bottom of the pot & shine the light inside the pot up through the hole. It seems to concentrate the light to that one spot, & eliminate the excess light shining around the egg.
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    Thanks for the info guys.....I'll give it a try in a few days!! [​IMG]
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    Oct 6, 2007
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    Thank you to eveyone the info has helped sooo much. Ive seen some that Im not sure of, But then Ive definitely seen some alive. [​IMG] Maybe I'll have a good hatch.

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