candling eggs that have been under a Broody hen

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by chickenlisa, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I went out tonight with my daughter to see if we could see anything growing in the eggs under my 1 broody hen Sumi. She's a little Sumatra hen setting on 9 banty eggs...but I'm not sure I saw anything in any of them. They are a bit dirty from her...they're on day 8 as of tonight, I did see aircells, but not the veiny detail and dark eyespot like the ones that Ive had in my incubators...
    What experiences have you all had with candling Broody hen's eggs? These eggs are from a local breeder of frizzled cochins...I so want some/all of them to hatch! I'll have to email him and ask him if they are or have been fertile that he knows of...

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    If you go to the home page amd search candling eggs you can find each day
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    The eggs should look the same at 8 days as eggs in your incubator at 8 days. If they are dirty that can prevent you from seeing in the egg well. I would wait a few more days and it should be easier to see something.
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    I have never had to deal with a broody hen before. We have one now, that we realized is broody because she leaves for the entire day and night. We didn't know where she was going, and she only came back in the morning to eat, then leaves again. We caught her this morning and put her in a separate pen so that she wouldn't take off again, and gave her 4 eggs to hatch. She seems happy now. My question is ( and I don't mean to totally hijack this thread, but I thought it was along the same lines)...How do I get the eggs from her so that we can candle them to prevent any horrible stinky explosion?
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