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Mar 6, 2010
Weed C.A
Okay so my eggs under my broody are at exactly two weeks. I have 5 that i know from previous candling, that are winners. I candled them today (during the day time, i know its supposed to be dark but well.... u know how it is) and all i could really see was a huge dark mass. Is ths normal? What should i be seeing? also should i throw out the 5 other eggs that apear to be clear at this stage? Thank you!
At 14 days, if you are seeing clear eggs - - I would toss them.
HOWEVER, you could mark those 5 eggs and check them right before lockdown if you want.
Odds are . . . you won't see any change and will still end up tossing them
Judging by this chart I found in the forums here, what you saw is normal....

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