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Jul 25, 2011
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Does anyone know a good resource for some visual aids in candling? My ducks are laying. I am treating all of them right now as potential babies. This is our first laying "season" with our ducks. I am trying to hone my candling skills but I could sure use some help. We have some hens sitting on their nests but we also have eggs in the incubator. I can't bring myself to crack eggs unless I know absolutely there is no embryo. I also have a couple of people wanting some eggs but don't want to give them fertile eggs. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
You can eat fertile eggs, there will be no growth as long as you collect them daily and do not put in your incubator or let the ducks sit on them.

By day 6 you can candle and see veining and growth started on eggs you are incubatiing. Sometimes even sooner, but day 6 is a good day to candle for the first time.

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