Candling help--day 7


10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Bourbon County Kentucky
Hi everyone. I candled my eggs today ( day 7 ). In some of them it was plain to see they were doing well, some were moving, good veins etc. But in more than a few all I could make out was a large "shadow". Is this good or bad. Three eggs looked blank or clear so I pulled them ouy and opened them. I was right--nothing was happening in there. Any one know what the shadow I am seeeing is? Thanks guys!
As long as you dont see a blood ring or clear eggs, you should be good to go. I always put the ones I know are doing well in one area and the questionable ones in another after I candle them the first time. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I would bet they are worth waiting
I mark and wait until day 10 or later to pull.
When I do more batches I might be pulling sooner but hate to throw away a good one.
I am throwing them away sooner and so far I have avoided any leakers or explosions.

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