Candling help so sorry!


9 Years
May 6, 2010
I have read loads and loads of topics and i still just have to ask so i am sorry..

I have set the eggs at day 0 and now i am on day 4

I have had a temperature spike at 125 being the highest due to thermostat failure and usb fan shut off on my diy incubator wasnt happy.

How do i know if i killed them??

as far as i see all have egg sacs should they be at top? as i have a tilt system eggs upright etc some i couldnt tell which end was the point lol

So i candled today i have one egg with a definate black mass in when i turn egg it all turns i think this is bad

another egg with 2 black dots one on each side

there are a few porous hard to see

few clear cant see a thing

and there so many with a shadow at the top when i turn the egg the shadow rotates is this infertile i thought possibly this is a ifertile yolk

I see no veins but my light isnt brilliant

i cant do pics but ill try to put some in my photobucket album please see my profile page. ill add a link asap

my eggs are all mixed lots i brought 4 lots of 12. so had a selection. all silkies and 1 polish.

i have ordered a new thermostat a 12v halogen light supply and 4 new thermometers lol and a set of fans for incoming air. hoping with a bit of wiring i will get rid of my errors for my second try....


Let me know what you think?
I would keep a going!!!

If you think you are seeing eyes in there (the black dots), then maybe they will make it! You can always just check in a week to see if you see development.

But I am just a beginner- I have my first eggs almost ready for lockdown in a few days- so take my advice with a grain of salt.

I looked for pics but couldn't find any....
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above 105F they r dead... sorry...

there not clear

shadow moves
good example here has air sac

dark one looks nasty

shadow with 2 dots and one with one dot

think too early for black dots

thought so !! oh well

please see if there is any hope before i bin them...

i have 2 incubators the last 3 eggs the second incubated egg ones are on the side on candler they are in a good incubator slightly more basic temp been fine but only set for 2 days same shadow thing ? does this mean they werent fertile to start or they are good??
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SO IF I HAVE 2 black dots but no viens does that mean i haqve a 2 headed chicken lololol joke

could it have been a double yolk etc not overally big for a bantam egg just that i cant see no veins at all in any

i candled my shop brought free range egg and the same shadow that floats around is the same as the ones i am incubating so i am guessing that must mean infertile lol i am going to buy some caged eggs today as they will definately be infertile for comparison

everyone puts up good photos and not that duds lol

ive ordered some wrigglers from ebay i did make my own but it didnt work lolol failed lol as i am guessing that the temp could possibly not be as bad as i thought for the internal temp least i will have a more accurate reading does this work as a accurate reading the centre in comparison to bantam eggs or should i put it 1/4 in etc

I just have a feeling that most of these are not fertile to start with

as my other incubator with the other half of the eggs are all showing no signs so far but it is a few days behind i will candle them all tonight again see what happens i thought best thing i can do is wait for 7 days and then bin

i really think that black egg needs out its a black floating mess at the top looks slushy about so i will crack and bin it! outside lolol dont matter if it smell i got flu wont smell a thing
just worried that i throwing away a good one i need a better camera !!
i found this

the second pic down shows pretty much the same as what i see a dark mass top off the egg and i have a air sac. this shows it being infertile.

Is this correct? as i must have at least 24 of these lololol out of 48 bet even more lol bird auction markets probably not best place to buy from ill end up with turkeys or snakes lolol

i had 48 eggs for £13 so i see it if i get just one hen i up lololol

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