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Aug 26, 2011
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I made a candling contraption yesterday with the intentions of checking my eggs in the incubator(my first batch ever) and I tested the candler on some of my sex links brown eggs from the fridge, worked great. Then I went to the incubator and got a few of the EE eggs in there and I couldnt see even the slightest bit of light into the egg?? Is it something to do with the blue eggs? darker shell color to see through? I am guessing I just need a higher wattage bulb. I used a 75w(highest I could find at the house) and that worked good on the brown eggs. What wattage is reccommended?

I used a round cardboard oatmeal can, mounted a socket onto the plastic lid and covered the plastic with dark blue construction paper to not let any light get out, then I drilled a hole in the bottom that was not quite a 1/4" diameter for the light to get thru. By setting my brown eggs on the hole you can see right into them. But the blue, green, and khaki eggs i couldnt see a thing.


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Apr 20, 2007
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Blue, green and the real dark brown (Marans) eggs are harder to see through. Try enlarging your light hole to about 1 inch. Hold the large end of the egg to the hole so the light enters through the air cell, and candle in a darkened room.


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I made a small wood box out of 3/4" boards (I think it was old shelf particle board) mounted a light fixture with a 150 w flood light in it. I put a thin wood cover on with a hole drilled in it. The 3/4" wood makes it heavy and stable, but even with this set-up I still have issues with darker eggs. I can see in them but cannot tell until I get a well developed chick, the clear ones I can see the embryo and the veins.

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Jan 4, 2012
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my unfertile eggs (green) shell turned darker after the first day or 2 of incubation not sure if it was because of not being fertile. what dose it look like before you put it into the incubator?

I use a dome light with a flood light bulb (90w) then take a second dome light unscrew the dome turn it upside down and duct tape it to the other one and put some tin foil on the tiny side holes


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