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Candling Night Anyone??

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by CluckyCharms, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. 18 miscellaneous large breed purebred fowl eggs from Gabbard Farms - this was day 5 in the incubator. 4 have been tossed due to being rotten (black, green, stinky and weeping) 11 are showing crystal clear throughout the eggs, and 1 Speckled Sussex is showing very good veining and is progressing. Eggs were shipped very well, well packaged, lots of bubble wrap, and air cells were all in tact upon arrival. Julie of Gabbard Farms has been readily available with any questions thus far and I have been treated well thus far by them. I'm just concerned that 4 were black and dark green rotten already...but 4 is okay in 18 eggs. I'm more worried about 11 being nonexistent. I'm waiting until day 10 and checking again...they might be slowbies, like my 1 little Silkie was from the first clutch.

    7 Swedish Flower Hens (eggs) placed in the incubator on the same day (shipped also, but sent from a friend of the family...they are Greenfire lines) - 5 out of 7 show great veining

    1 little silkie from my original clutch is still alive and doing well, along with 7 frizzle project eggs. Those are all due to hatch in about 9 days.

    What did you find under your candles tonight, all? =)

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