candling on day 5

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    Candling 5 EE eggs , at start of day 5

    Air cells looking good.. yolks slowly float to top side (candling laying on side) and can see evidence of veins... in some better than others.

    The main difference are in the yolk shapes. I think 2 showed darker side. 1 appeared to a have a darker center and kept thinking I was seeing some movement in that one.

    I know it's early for seeing into EE eggs, but I'm just glad to see they aren't COOKED inside! Which was an earlier concern since I'm using a lined skillet-bator with indirect heat source underneath. And this is my first attempt.

    2 questions.

    One egg is Very porous and only aware of that at first candling... can see the light show through brighter in the pores. It's a little bumpy at large end, but then so is one of the others and it's not porous like this. Yolk and cell appear developing fine for now..

    2nd egg in question has a FRACTURE at big end. It has a starburst shape also in that end (where light is brighter) that others don't have. Right now I feel it's developing just fine too. I just wonder if the crack (which I now can see in regular light, just hadn't noticed it prior, it's like a hairline fracture). Do eggs with fractures actually hatch? None of the eggs are oozing. Ok.. that's about it for now.

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    You can use some parafin wax to seal the crack. And yes they can hatch.
    I have also had really porous shells that have hatched as well. Just make sure your hands are clean before handling it, because the larger pores can make the egg easier to infect.

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