Candling Question - Day 6 (Swedish Isbar)

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by MSThompson, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. MSThompson

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Hey guys, I'm a bit new to incubating and candling eggs and have a few questions. First, this is day 6 of Swedish Isbar eggs (shipped).

    Through some reading and research I've gotten pretty familiar with what a fertile candled egg looks like (online) but when it comes to my own 12, I'm at a loss.

    My questions are: (photos below are labeled Egg 1 - Egg 5 and some key concerns)

    A lot of my eggs have these speckles, almost all of them actually and some are extreme. I've read that this is bacteria contamination? Does that mean that any egg with these light spots is contaminated? Should they be removed?

    A bunch of my eggs show an air pocket at the top, and a dark space at the bottom - a few have these odd, distinct thin rings that travel all the way around the egg (not always in a perfect line) right on or near to where the light and dark sections meet. Is this a blood ring? I have one that has a thick ring and then a dark (maybe embryo) spot above it?

    Also what I've noticed about these eggs, is that the dark and light sections seem to be very fluid and liquid as I handle them over the candler. You can see stuff inside shifting, and I'm handling these extremely gently and slowly.

    Nothing smells badly yet - the incubator has been kept at 99.5-100 thus far, and the humidity averages about 45.

    All in all...just some feedback or guidance would be great.


    Egg 1 - Lots of speckling, dark mass/embryo(?) at top


    Egg 2 - Odd split in embryo?


    Egg 3 - Very dark at top with thick line under - seems very "fluid" or "liquidy" inside


    Egg 4 - Has dark veining or lines - bottom one wraps around egg - contents seem "fluid" too


    Egg 5 - Another with an odd dark vein or line that wraps the egg - also seems fluid
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    Oct 11, 2014
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    [​IMG] First off the "speckles" you are talking about, are the pores of the egg shell. That first one is very porous. If I were selling eggs for hatching I would NOT include any eggs that were that porous. Porous eggs can and do hatch, but the more porous the higher chance of bacteria getting in through the shell causing bacterial infections and quitters. Many hatchers won't set eggs that are that porous.

    Unfortunetly it's hard to see much development in the pics. 1 and 2 look clear. 4 and 5 Looks like there's development, but by the pics it is too hard to really give an opinion. I don't and don't recommend removing eggs until 10 days into incubation unless they smell or are oozing. Have you taken a look at the candling thread here on BYC?
  3. MSThompson

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    Aug 17, 2016
    Hey AmyLynn2374! Thanks for following up.

    Nothing is oozing or smelling badly. Today would be day 10 - I have read through that article with the photos actually. None of mine are that easy to see through. I don't seem to have anywhere near the veins or obvious shapes so I'm not sure how to gauge mine.

    I've read a lot of threads where people say to wait until
    as late as day 14 to candle again and decide what to remove? I did figure out that many of them have a detached air pocket - that's why they seem so liquid even when gently moved I guess. They were shipped from Oklahoma to Michigan. I admittedly did not think to candle them up front.

    The seller postponed shipping for a few days because they either forgot or ran out of time they said. They also told me my six eggs were mixed up with four that a broody hen was setting I ended up with twelve eggs, the ten in question and two additional. I do realize shipping is a big gamble and am not blaming the seller, but wanted to give some background.

    I don't want to be too hasty, but am also anxious about potentially exploding bad eggs - again no smell or oozing. I wish it were easier to candle them and see through.
  4. RubyNala97

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    Apr 9, 2015
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    What kind of candler are you using? I find a small LED flashlight with brand new batteries works the best. Some shells are really hard to see into. I'm incubating now and my eggs are light but a few shells are just really hard to see into. I can't really tell much from your pics. Shipped eggs can be very challenging and they get scrambled easy in transit. Especially if they are not super fresh. The ones that seem to be sloshing around are probably not going to make it to hatch. I would suggest brand new batteries and candle in a very dark room. Look just below the air cell to see veining. By day 7 the veins should be pretty extensive throughout the egg. But also be extra gentle because shipped eggs are trying to heal from the damage. Sometimes the loose air cells can reattach and you don't want to over handle them and dislodge the air cell again. Good luck!!

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