Candling report...BLRW, Missprissy orps, ducks, etc.

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    I never toss eggs on day 7, unless there's a clear bloodline, and I'm grateful I don't. 5 BLRW eggs I saw no development in on day 7 are alive and well. That brings me up to 15 of 27 for shipped eggs. 5 of 6 of my own blrw show development on day 6.

    Missprissy orps... I didnt count, and it was only day 6. Some of them are darker and hard to make out, but I can safely say well over half are developing, and I think it's at least 3/4.

    The majority of my own buff orps on day 6 are growing. Too early to tell on my EE eggs.

    My Cayuga duck eggs are all alive and well...6-7 shipped.

    Most disappointing are my shipped blue marans. Only 2 of 6. [​IMG]

    Monday I take the turner out for the first batch, containing the 15 blrw, 7 cayuga ducks, and 2 marans. Wish me luck.
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    Good LUCK!!!

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