Candling the Impossible

I have never had any problems candling my Ameraucana eggs. We use a LED headlight from REI. Works beautiffuly. Never had marans eggs though so can't tell you
I picked up a 200 lumen LED flashlight from the local grocery store and it candles both the blue and olive eggs quite nicely. The room has to be completely dark, though, or the contrast isn't good enough to see clearly.
My husband has a big maglite flashlight that I can see thru any eggs. He got it at Home Depot. I have a smaller maglite but it isn't as good as the larger one.
I am currently having a very hard time candling my cuckoo marans eggs. I think some are "bad" but it is very hard to tell even with the big Mag light we have.

I am just going to leave them alone until hatch day on the 19th and hope they are OK. I am just a little worried one may explode though if it is "bad." (That has happened before & I nor my family will ever forget that lovely smell!)
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