Candling Valley quail eggs


9 Years
May 18, 2010
After 7 days should I be able to see anything? I'm getting a little worried.
I found out my temps were at about 97-98° for a day at the start though. I have the temp settled between 99.5 and 100 now. Can't dial it in any closer with the old LG. A few show a vein and a dark spot. Most don't. Any ideas?
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With my valleys, I am usually about 90% sure of what I see by about day 5 which is basically a mass of veins..

They are pretty easy to see thru.

By day 7, if you just see clear on top and bottom, with a shadow in the middle-ish then they are probably not good.

I have never really had a valley egg that I wasnt sure of, out of the birds I have they have some of the strongest embryos.

Give it a few more days to be sure.
Ok thanks! I will check them in a few days. They are way easier to see than coturnix!
Yeah usually you can see some little veins by day 5, but if you had the temps a little down they might be just taking a little longer to develop since the temperature was down a little bit, just give them more time.
Well it's been a few more days now. Started with 30 eggs. 16 candled bright. 5 more are questionable. So I have roughly 9 left that show good veins and hopefully will make it out.
Called the guy I bought them from and he is cutting me a deal on some Valley chicks as he has no more eggs. At least he's trying to help out.
Thanks for the replys.

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