Candling Welsummer Eggs


13 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Does anyone have much luck candling Welsummer eggs? My eggs will be set for 7 days as of 7:00am tomorrow, and I just candled a few but about all I can see is the air sac, and a slight band of shadowing near the bottom. I am candling down on the fat end of the egg through the air sac. I thought I would expect to see more at this stage - should I be discouraged? Or is it my novice eye combined with dark'ish' shell? I am using a Nebo 220 Lumens flashlight. Any input would be appreciated.
I couldn't candle my welsummers at all...thought they were duds, but left them in, it was the first to pip!
Thanks, after seeing this picture I went and looked again... They look very similar to this, but not nearly as detailed. This is a pic of day 8 I found in the sticky notes links...
I even made out, I think, some veining - so hard to see with welsummers not just because of the shade of the egg, but the speckles as well... but this is the shadow I'm speaking of. Definitely NOT clear - I think something's happening, I sure hope.

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