Canine Epileptoid Cramping DIsorder?

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9 Years
Aug 31, 2010
Tip of Rockingham County, NH
Does any BYC member have a dog that was diagnosed with this? I have a Border Terrier who after doing tons of research seems to have this disorder. Wondering if there are any others who have any knowlege about the best food to feed. I have him on Calfornia Natural Chicken and read that Lamb is the recommended food for sensitive dogs. I slowly transitioned all three of my dogs over to the Lamb formula and he had another digestive upset and stopped eating again. In an effort to get him back eating I again had to mix in the chicken again and he will only eat half of his rations.

He is not in any immediate danger and still plays normally, eats some and drinks, poo is fine once he expells the first explosion after an episode, and his weight is okay too.Maybe down a bit but no dangerous weight loss. He has these episode almost every other month now which has increased in frequency. His symptoms are classic to what I have researched so I have no doubt this is his issue. I need more info and some support. Thanks
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