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May 29, 2007
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I offered to clean out some friends freezers this past weekend, and wound up with tons of old frozen veggies/fruits to give my birds in this heat, they love everything so far and it all seems to help coole them down.

I also got lots of canned food, veggies, fruits, and various others.
I now have about 10 cans of Salmon, very similar to canned tuna, but well, salmon.

I tried it, and dont like it . . . they just grind everything up bones and all, and it gets stuck in my teeth and throat.

My chickens on the other hand, LOVE IT.
I just spread out 2 cans for em, and everybody got some.

I figure the omega3 in the salmon is prolly great for em, they never lack in protein cause I only feed gamebird to all my birds.
I guess a meal of yummy salmon 1x a week for the next 5 weeks will be ok, or should I space it out to 2 weeks.

My only concern is that the salmon is so rich it might not agree with their digestion.
Shoot, I never even thought to offer the quails any, how insensitive of me . . .


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May 19, 2008
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Its good for them.. too much at ta time may cause fishy eggs just beware of that..
If you have any dogs or cats its good for them too!

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