Canners lookie lookie!!


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I just had to say; today I went to grammas and got:

35 1/2 pints (aka jelly jars)
108 pints
129 quart jars...

she passed away and this was one of the few things i could have...

now...lets pick your brains...

how long do you think preserved properly food lasts in jars?

BTW-- here is a hint; 35 yr old zucchini relish..not so much...
15 yr old so much...
27 yr old apple pie filling..def. not!

on the serious note; this does lead me to ask..just how long do we keep our canned goods?

I know I will probably use mine in time; but for the newbie canners...its a valid question...

AS well as; you think emptying them, rinsing them, dishwasher-ing them will be enough??
(about 1/2 had food in them)..or should I do a bleach water solution then dishwasher again???

and I was also able to come home with

a speckled hot water bath canner/rack, a larger stock pot and a 12 qt mirro pressure canner...not sure how old it is..
you think I can test it any way to see if its reliable and safe to use??
SCORE on the jars . ... I just bought 3 dozen jars and it was not cheap. It runs $ 8 - 10 a dozen for pints and quarts. The replacement lids run $3 - $4 a box ( assuming 12 in a box).

Roughly . ... that makes it $6 per dozen savings on the pints and quart jars . . .. So, around $120 savings in the jars.

Wash them jars and start canning!
When I test a canner I place a jar of water sealed like I was canning it.
Then check the vent hole and make sure its clear and can see through it.
Check the seal and make sure no debre is under it and oil with veggi oil
wipe off with paper back into the lid and put water about 1/3 way up the jar of water.
Place your lid and start your heat once the vent is steaming then place your jiggler wait for the presure to rise.
If it starts to jiggle your GOOD ,If NOT then check between the handle and see if the flipper will move .If it drops then wait see if it will jiggle. If It still will not seal and leaks steam around the lid anywhere then you need to replace the seal.
Check the ag extension office for your county. That's where I've always heard to take old pressure canners to be checked. And I know you can buy replacement gaskets for Presto on Amazon, so you might check it for that one too.

Lucky score! I got a bunch from a lady whose mother had died and also some from a neighbor who was moving last year. I still haven't used them all. I just run them through the dishwasher and they're fine.

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