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    we have a slightly disabled hen/rooster... it's sort of gender neutral... anyway, it got hurt by a dog, so i nursed it back to health, but it's wing is still not really working.... so anyway, I ALSO have a single cuckoo maran, Auntie Shannah, who is younger than some of my other hens, but older than others, sort of alone in her age group. I live in Vermont, and it is crazy cold here, we've had 4 or 5 inches of snow already. So, this morning, the disabled chicken had obviously been chewed on by the others, (she has been healed and has been getting along socially for about 4 weeks), but this morning, she had bloody, raw bits on her wings. AND there were a bunch of Auntie Shannah feathers on the floor of the coop, she looked fine, so i wasn't too worried. Tonight however, neither of these harassed chickens would go into the coop, Auntie Shannah actually flew up on top somehow and i had to swipe at her with a plastic rake in order to get her to fly down. I stuck them both in the goose house (the goose has vacated to sleep with 'his' ducklings in the chicken coop), and am hoping that they won't just eat each other. What do I do???? is there any way to re-integrate the flock? group therapy? drugs? shock collars? Massage? Aromatherapy?
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    you can try putting her in the pen in a smaller cage, for a couple days so that way the others can get used to her without being able to get to her.

    Since she left she will be at the bottom of the "pecking order" and have to work back up.

    But using the cage method has worked the best for me.

    I hope this helps.
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    We had this problem too. Our buff orpington got picked on so bad she had a huge open gaping wound on the back of her fluffy head. She was so sweet. We used wonder dust to keep the wund covered and healing. But the first time we turned her with the other birds, they attacked her again.
    Generally i have found bird will attack ANY injury. i wonder if it's a flock preservation instinct to not attract predators.
    Anyway, the only way I got her into the flock was 100% isolation until the wound was so healed you couldn'tt see a scar, the feather had to grow over it to original plume. Then I started letting them loose (I don;t have ayrd, they are in their house or out free) with her so she could run and escape/hide. When she was able to hang out with them, then I started putting her in the flock.
    So it was very gradual and with lots of room for her to escape bullies.
    Good luck. I am worried that this permanant disability may be too much for her to be a full flock chicken. In that case it may be her best interest to be 100% free range rather than be pciked on all the time.
    Good luck!

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