13 Years
Sep 22, 2009
Iron Ridge WI
Ok yesterday I fed in the morning, let them outside and went to work. Now their pen is 20x24 on the outside with a door connecting to the inside where the pen is 12x16. Plenty big for 85, 5 week old pheasants. Well when I went down there at 5 when I got home, the food was gone and they had skined one and were going deeper and were starting on another. I guess I just can't believe how bad they are. And why didn't the one's beening picked on go hide. There is a couple pine trees to hide under and a stick pile to hide in. I now have another feeder in there and both are full of food. Was it the lack of food that made them do this or do I have some birds that are going to do this all the time? I have tagged the one's I wanted to keep out of this group and of course the two that went were two I was keeping. I guess I just looking for other people's experiences with this so I can learn how to better prevent it. Thanks
That is a lot of birds for that amount of space no matter what age.Ringnecks are notorius for cannibism.If you can divide them into 4 groups in that size pen and see if that helps.If it doesn't help and I hate to say this,you will have to put blinders on them.
In N.H.,Tony.
I hate to trim their beaks because I will be releasing them in a couple weeks. Blinders are something I can do. Yeah I think you guys are right about the space. I can divide them, but then I'll have to move the quail from the other pen. So far nothing else has happened this week. It was hot and humid that day and is today and they seem fine. Thanks for you help.

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