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Oct 18, 2012
NW Oklahoma
Okay so the last week has been a really bad week for chickens/chicks at our place. First we have a predictor picking off chickens. Both my Roos, one hen and two ducks are all gone after two nights. None lost the last two nights after keeping them locked up. Well now I had 14 baby chicks all born within 4 days of each other that have turned to cannibals. They always have fresh water and plenty of food. I've tried it sit and watch them to see who the instigator is but haven't found out. So far 5 chicks have been killed and eaten, one a night. I'm tired of my chickens dying. What do I do??
all the above, and if the chicks are with a broody hen, then make sure they are separated from the rest of the flock. In these cases, space is usually the main factor, so please make sure that they have enough space, and the cannibalism problem will disappear.

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