Canoe Trip

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  1. herfrds

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    Jan 11, 2010
    I chaperoned the 7th grade canoe trip again.
    It was a pretty great trip. Alot of the kids were of a big help. Had a head wind the first day but the next 3 days we had tail winds which were just awesome.
    There was a couple of glitches though.

    Turned out the former co-worker that chewed me out, her daughter was on the trip. Now I did not know this was her daughter til later. I just couldn't figure out why this girl was giving me such dirty looks. Once I looked at the class roster it clicked.
    Boy talk about an attitude problem and chip on her shoulder.
    I just tried to stay away from her unless I really had to deal with her.

  2. Y N dottes

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    Sep 1, 2012
    South Central WI
    Canoes are sweet....I like all types of boating, but canoes are one of the best. I think its awesome how shallow you can get in those things. Most of the canoeing ive canoed in lakes mostly, but rivers are probably great. Ive kyaked in rivers and thats fun too.

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