canola oil for boosting omega 3?

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    OK - so online I found a site that recommended using flax seed and canola oil to increase the omege 3 in my eggs, but a customer who is a nutritionist told me that canola oil isn't really good for my chicks, I think her reasons were mostly due to the fact that it is made from genetiaclly altered rapeseed. Any opinions or insight here, if not canola is there another oil that will do the same? Thanks in advance.
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    Canola can be tricky for poultry, not that is will kill them or anything, but it's processed at high temps to remove the smell and this destroys some nutrients. I think you would he happier with olive oil, cod liver oil, or other unprocessed oils. Small amounts of flax seed can be used, though you have to refrigerate it to avoid spoilege and it's rather pricey. I use wild bird seed to boost their oil consumption and sprinkle some ground oyster shell with it because as layers they need the balance in their feed.
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    two of the local game fowl feeds in my area have sunflower seeds in them I have added extra sunflower in the molt it seems to make a difference in the birds act like they feel better sunflower hearts are high in fat and protein not sure about omega 3 something you want to look into. also raw spanish peanuts are used by pigeon guys I'm sure chickens would eat them also. both are hidg in oils

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    No. It is bad news. Only use I have for it is to coat my all-steel welding workbench with it to prevent rust. Could give chooks sardines in their own oil for healthy EFA. The oil in black walnuts is very healthy if you have a tree or can find one. There is a black seed that I cannot now recall the name of (senior moment?[​IMG]) that has good healthy oil in it.

    For human consumption, few veggie oils are really any good. Best oil to cook with is cold processed coconut oil which is like a white butter. Next would be cold pressed flaxseed oil and 3rd would be virgin olive oil. For a health supplement, Krill oil is best and followed by cod liver oil. All of those are high in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). All are the High density lippor (HDL)that we need. Canola or corn oil would be among the worst for good health. Try french fries in coconut oil. MMMMMMM-good![​IMG]
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    I don't consider canola to be edible for people OR chickens.
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    Quote:I have never heard anything about refrigerating flax seed unless it is ground or processed, and the site that rec'ed it said to use it whole - but not more than 10% of total intake (I use maybe 5% max) it's not really that costly, I paid about $23 for a 50 # bag that will last quite a while at that rate, it is out in my workroom by my coop, and while not heated, it isn't extremely cold here in Oregon and the seeds seem to be keeping well. So I'm not sweating the flax at all, just the canola and the soy, and still haven't made any firm decisions, but there seem to be some strong opinions against canola, so I will have to do more research.
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    Thekla--very interesting article, thanks for the link! I'm thinking that the takeaway from that is--all things in moderation.
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    Thekla- you probably live in a climate where spoilage is not an issue. In places like NM, Florida, California, summertime temps can turn the flax rancid, making it toxic for animals and people. You're certainly getting a good price, and if I could get it that cheaply I'd use it all the time. I get 10 pound bags from New Brunswick, grown locally, for about $25. So I use it sparingly, mostly in winter.
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    Hey thekla , great link. Thanks for posting it. There is lots of great stuff on that site.

    I wanted to add before reading throught the replies to supliment flax seed into their feed and it looks like I wasn't the only one with that belief. Best of luck to ya!

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