Can't build new coop rehome polish, frizzle, bantams?


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Apr 12, 2011
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We have 2 six week old black crested white polish, frizzle bantams. When I got them (a chicken newbee) I had no idea how tiny they would be compared to my brown egg layers. I was getting them as show chickens for my girls for 4H, but when I picked them up the lady said they were possibly frizzle and altho not show they were SOOOO cute as frizzles I couldn't pass them up. Now they are 6 weeks old and are still super tiny. Very healthy and happy. I don' t have time to build another coop right now (just finished the first one) and there is now way they can go in with my big chickens. Should I rehome them? Don't know what to do?


I have one bantam who lives with large chickens happily. When it was time to integrate her into the flock I put up my temporary pet fence next to the coop and placed the bantam and the lowest large hen on the pecking order inside it to spend the day. After a few days I let those two free range with the other hens and the big hens just ignored the bantam like her place as lowest chicken had been established. Others may have different experiences regarding mixing the two but other than the first few minutes of showing the bantam who was boss by the 1st hen all went well.
p.s. those chicks of yours are just so cute!
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1/2 of my flock is banty and they other half is reg size and everyone gets along the smaller ones hang out together and some even hang out with the big girls my cochin banty hen has started hanging out with my reg size hens and she's half their size and i have teeny OGEB banties that hang with the big girls too, I have found that everyone has formed their own little groups and will hang out in different parts of the coop/shop i would let them all hang out together if they have been raised together and if not just section off part of the coop for the smaller ones until everyone gets used to each other
I'm also new to chickens, but you should give the polish a chance. I have eight 9 week olds and three 4 week old Polish. The polish are still in the brooder during the night but free range with the big girls during the day. There haven't been any real issues between the two flocks. There's been a little bit of chest bumping and pecking but nothing that wasn't in the normal range. In fact, it was probably on the milder end of things.

I understand not having time to build a new coop. Since there's only 2 and they're small, perhaps you can use a dog kennel at night if you're concerned about putting them in your normal coop.
I agree with everyone here.

There should not be a huge problem with integrating them if you keep them in close proximity so they'll get used to each other in their separate pens.

When the time comes, integrate them at night and watch them closely the next day.

However, if you live in Virginia, I will certainly take them off your hands!

They're just too cute!!

thanks for all the advice. I built a little wire coop and put it inside the larger coop run. I will see how things go over the next couple of weeks. Thanks again BYC Friends!
I've read of positive experiences AND of horrible experiences integrating bantams with LF. Polish (any breed w/large crests, because they can't see well) are more susceptible to bullying than breeds with "normal" facial feathering. If you attempt integration, I would divide the run initially, using a dog crate, dog house, something like that for the polish. Give the big chickens time to get use to the newbies. I would NOT try night time integration, unless you would be up at first light to monitor morning routine. I would plan the full integration for a weekend, when you have time to sit and watch. A banty polish could easily be killed by LF hens if bullying went too far.

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