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  1. Susanhen

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    Jan 23, 2017
    Hello, I'm going to pick up new chicks tomorrow to add to my mixed flock. I can only get two and want different breeds. I know for sure I'll be selecting a Buff Orpington, but can't decide between a Dominique or a Wyandotte for the second chick. My current flock consists of two bantam hens, and an EE pullet. My coop and run aren't very large (hence why I'm only getting 2), but I do let the ladies free range during the day. I keep them mostly for fun and am not overly concerned about egg production en mass. Opinions?
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    A while ago our one and only Wyandotte rooster ended up being mean and attacking people, and so a few weeks later we ended up having some reeeaaaally tasty chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. [​IMG] But he wasn't our only rooster that was mean (we've had many different kinds of roosters) so I don't blame it on the breed.

    Right now we have two Wyandotte pullets in my brooder of about 15 chicks. We have a Silver Laced and a Golden Laced one. They are both very sweet especially the SLW and I would definitely get Wyandottes again! I have never had a Dominique, though, so I can't really compare them.

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