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    Feb 16, 2013
    Hi everyone im new here so big hello, sadly I lost three chickens last week to a fox the fouth chicken manged to not get killed but got very badly hurt to her face think she will loose her eye. Not sure if the fox got her or if it was the other chickens clawed her when they got attacked. The problem i have is she cant eat by her self, she can pick up the food but then drops it, she cant seem to get it in her mouth fully to swallow. I have been hand feeding her everyday and she eats everything when I do this. Any one else had a this problem before?? im just worried she wont be able to feed her self again. Any help I would be greatfull thanks

  2. Try a little yogurt maybe it would be easy to swallow an is a tasty get well soon treat!
    Welcome to BYC!! From Florida ! Sorry bout your losses

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