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Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by ThatChick, Apr 4, 2012.

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    So, after searching my township's code I found nothing regarding regulations for poultry. So, I called code enforcement, or zoning, I think it's the same office here actually, and they said flat out that chickens are not allowed. I asked where I could find that in writing, since it's not in the code and they said "It's just a part of zoning." But where can I find in writing what the zoning definitions and laws are? We're allowed to have 4 dogs here and there are no limits on cats or any other pets and we all know that they are much more of a nuisance. I have no problem going renegade, but I want to be prepared to fight if/when the day comes. Does anyone know where I can look to find these laws in writing? I've found all I can online.
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    The deed to your property will list its legal description, from that you can find out what zoning district you are in. If you are inside city limits, you need to check with the city. Ask for a zoning map, then find where your property is located and identify which zone it is in.

    You also want to see ZONING code, which are not necessarily part of city ordinances. (In some places it is, and in others it is not.) Typically the city's website would list zoning code as well as city ordinances if they are separate and one of them is online. What you are looking for is PERMITTED (or ALLOWED) USES, and the RULES OF CONSTRUCTION.

    If you are outside city limits, then you need to check with your county for the same information.
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    That's what I had to do. First using my parcel ID, I had to find my zoning. I'm zoned for "Rural". Next I had to look up the permitted uses for Rural according to county code (if you're in the city, you would have to see if there are any additions or exceptions). According to the code, I'm allowed to have small livestock.

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