Can't have just one! pea chick Pics


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Apr 22, 2009
Lebanon, Virginia
After PJ hatched, I felt bad that he didn't have a buddy. I found someone pretty close to me that had peachicks so I bought two to put with PJ. They are between 1 and 2 weeks I think. One is an India Blue, and the other is a black shoulder or maybe purple black shoulder silver pied. Maybe some of you guys can help me out with that.


Sweet Pea

P-Nut, Sweet Pea, and PJ
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P-Nut does seem to be a pied black shoulder. Does not seem purple though(doubt silver pied either but wait and see.. it does seem pied at least).. any color on my purple silver pied chicks are extremely soft "pastel" color and this one shows a dark color on the quill.

Swee Pea looks like a white-eyed to me.. showing that 'sugar frosted' look over the feathers typical of white-eyed chicks.

PJ appears to be a white.. not showing any hint of color so far.
How cute!!

I can't wait until mine are old enough to lay!!!
I lost my pair of india Blues last year, and I now have a pair that are about 1 year old.
I wish didn't take so long for them to mature. My male doesn't have his tail yet, but that doesn't stop him from displaying...he is so funny.

Well as they grow, i will post new picks and hopefully you guys can definitely tell me what p-nut is. Hopefully eventually what sex they are. How old are they usually when you can tell what they are?

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