Can't identify their illness


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May 28, 2014
Lucan, Ontario
Help! I'm having trouble figuring out what's wrong with my chickens & the best/safest course of action:
One hen has been noticeably sick for a couple days already. Really swollen comb, has bloody peck spots on it, she's still eating & drinking, but then sits miserably & puffed up by herself.

She is missing feathers on the top bc of the roo.. her beard is ruddy, but I haven't found other signs of mites on her


No nasal or eye discharge
She might have pink ish blotches on her skin & feet.
Now the roo is getting sick too:
Really swollen comb, possible white crusty on it (may just be dry from swelling), sneezes a lot when eating, after a fight, looks like he's out of breath for a bit-wide mouth gasping, definitely slower moving

(He lost his comb tips to frostbite)
They all one year old
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