Can't post Pictures or edit


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
I can't post a picture. Is that no longer an available option on the forum?

Also, when I edit a post, it does not change to include the edit changes I made.
1. How are you trying to post a picture? From your uploads or an internet photo?

2. What browser are you using? Has this happened to more than one post?
I am using IE9
I tried posting the way I used to post on this forum with

It only seems to be the post that I tried to add a picture that it will not let me edit

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IMG code is no longer used on the new platform.

1. Go to uploads

2. Click on the picture you want

3. Right Click the photo, select open image in new tab

4. Copy the above url address in the new tab

5. Post that link in the new photo button

6. It will go in "Image url"

7. Your photo will be added to your post.
there is a thread with a couple pages of how to post pictures, some really good info. "step by step guide on how to post pictures on BYC.

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