Can't sleep, too worried about my niece

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    I want to apologize to mods and everyone that I put in the guys name and address. I was not thinking about such things when I wrote, was too wrapped up in worry. I do want to say I am sorry. And sorry I did not post apology before today, our computer was damaged in storm last Sat (june 18) and had to go to repair place.


    My 40 year old niece has been talking to guy online (and a few times by telephone) and they say they are in love.

    They have known each other for about 3-4 months (over the internet).

    He sent her money for a divorce. He says he is coming to meet her and take her back to New York (she is in ILLinois) and is actually in process of driving out to get her now. He says he is going to give her a life like she has never known, He says he will treat her like a princess and lavish a wonderful life style on her. He told her he has a ring for her (to get married) but will not show her any pictures of it (on facebook) nor show it to anyone else. But he says he has certificate for it guaranteeing carrots, clarity, etc. and it is big ring worth a lot of money.

    I have such a bad bad bad feeling about this guy! It scares the h*ll out of me,

    He will be arriving at my niece's home any time tonight or tomorrow (june20) and is taking her back to New York with him.

    I am terrified for her.

    He all of a sudden showed up on her facebook page, asking to be facebook friends with her. We have no idea how he got her name or such. He was not recommended to her by another facebook friend and they have no facebook friends in common.

    He does have some pictures that is supposed to be him (could be fake?) and he looks spooky/creepy.

    Please say some prayers for her.

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    Wow, that sounds like it could turn out really badly, especially as you could only find details on one website... I hope everything goes smoothly and she'll be okay: it might not be all that bad, what he says could be legitimate. Have her stay in contact with someone so you can make sure she's going to be safe. [​IMG] [​IMG] Or perhaps you could arrange for her parents or you to meet him first?

    Sorry I haven't much else to say on the matter. There should be more people along soon, lots of us are lurking around at this time... [​IMG]

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    He sounds more like a loser than a serial killer. [​IMG]

    I'm sure it isn't going to end well, but everyone has to make their own mistakes.

    Hugs for you though. Just hang in there. [​IMG]
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    Also the police in the city your niece is in and where she is supposedly going and see what they say? Oh and get his license plate number yourself or other family. Have some family there to see them off and get his plate number.

    Thats my thoughts on what you have said here.
  5. Tala

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    Quote:Nothing he has done is strictly illegal, assuming she is legal age (you did say she was previously married) so I doubt the police CAN do anything either.

    It wouldn't hurt to see them off, and actually see the guy, then you'll know if the pictures are really him. Some people get a rental for long trips though, so the plates may or may not help, and you have to pay to run them online (never done it myself though) unless you have a friend at the PD.

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    Be sure to get many pictures of the happy couple before they leave. Including the car and license plate.
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    I agree with the person who suggested background check and taking down license plate info and the like.

    While it doesn't sound all that appealing, it may not be a bad situation.

    I met my boyfriend on the internet (in an AOL chatroom) 14 years ago and we're still together. Granted - there are risks involved with everything. There are also risks to meeting losers or criminals at a bar. The problem with online is that you can get very drawn in to someone you might not necessarily get drawn into in person. It allows things to move MUCH more quickly.

    I hope that your niece is using her best judgement in the situation. Often times, people cringe when I tell them where I met my boyfriend. There's a stigma involved with doing that, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

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