Can't stand, can't walk, but looks healthy?


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Feb 23, 2011
I posted last week because my 2yr old Cochin can't walk but stilll appears healthy. She can move her legs but she can't get her right leg under her and does not want to put pressure on the other. Have given her a warm water soak, treated her for mites and I don't know what else to do. If I touch her tail feathers she then shakes them back and forth. She is not completly paralized so I don't get it. This Friday it will be 2 weeks and I keep hoping she will just get up, but if she doesn't I can't keep up with the daily ritual and I have just never seen a down bird that appears healthly in every other way. Anybody ever see this before?
Believe it or not at night I have been putting her on a towel and moving her legs back ang forth, I also hold her up so she can put some weight on her legs I am trying to get her to move her legs as much as she can. I was thinking one of my ducks got on her hurting her back, but I don't know at this point. It is hard to make a decision to put her down when she appears healthy. I had to put my ten year old lab down in the Spring for cancer he had a large tumor in his mouth and the right decision was to put him down before he suffered, this is different because I am not sure what it is, I don't want to give up to soon.
i have a small bantam roo that stopped walking once, i presume he injured himself but never found out how. we kept him inside for 6 weeks, feeding high protein foods, giving poly vi sol (without iron), acv in the water and leg massages every day. he slowly but surely got his leg power back, and after 6 weeks i let him out of his cage. 3 months on he's doing fab, he walks with a slight limp but for the rest a major improvement. we had thought of culling him after 2 weeks of not walking, im so glad we didnt
i now think he had some sort of deficiency, i dont know which vit or mineral he was lacking..we tried so many!
perhaps your chicken has the same problem?
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worth a try to give him some chicken vitamins and electrolyte solution in his water, sometimes sudden leg paralysis in an older chicken can be due to a vitamin deficiency. I also have had this happen, took about two weeks of vitamins and warm baths, but she is fine now
Thank you for your responses I am going to give it more time she is a sweet bird. I gave her some vit. B what would be a good protein to provide her with? What is one more in the house 4 dogs, 2 kids, and hubby one more resident adds to the fun.
Where do i get this stuff from and how much do i give same problem. looks good but cant stand my silkie
Thanks for reply. I am considering mareks. what does not match is other symptoms W/ mareks do they thrive in all other ways? thats what is trippin me up. Eating well, pooping, alert...

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