Capillaria or Pot Worms???

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    Jul 31, 2009
    This morning while refilling our free range pullet's & 1 roo's (30 - 28wks old) water this morning, I noticed tiny (maybe a centimeter long and 1mm wide) white worms (some moving/some dead) on the sidewalk. Here are the facts, they were nearby spots where the chicks had dug up dirt from the flower bed - they were also near a few spots of diarrhea and reg. poop. I couldn't see any worms in the poop (with a stick) or poop on the worms, but the diarrhea concerns me and a few of the girls butts are getting a bit messy. I looked through the dirt in the bed and can only find tiny white grubs - no worms like what was on the sidewalk. The coop does have a couple inches deep pine chips - recently cleaned (probably needs changing again after seeing the worms). So I'm figuring better safe than sorry and treat them. We have a dewormer but it's Piperazine 17 and only good for Roundworms. I've researched and found several that cover Capillaria, Roundworms, and Cecal Worms - and only one that covers those 3 plus Tapeworms (which I know these aren't) Albendazole. The others are Levamisole hydrochloride, Oxfendazole, Fenbendazole, and Ivermectin (in that order). I've also decided that we'll add cayenne pepper to their feed. I saw somewhere on here add 3T to 1 gallon of feed. So what I'm looking for are some educated opinions on if these are capillaria worms and I'm doing the right thing here. They do sound like Pot Worms too and Capillaria are supposed to be hard to see which these were but crouching down I could see a lot of them moving around the pebbles in the sidewalk, and they also seemed to be where it looked like some water came from the flower bed (not from the chicken's water though). OK, that should cover it. Thank you for your help! [​IMG]

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