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    Jul 29, 2010
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    Feeding Purina gamebird starter. 30% protein. $17.00/50 lb bag.
    Switched to Flock Raiser in week 3. 20% protein and 13.25 (I think) /50 lb bag.

    As of 12-18 there are 102 active happy healthy birds. They average 2.03 ounces for a total weight of 12.95 of bird. They ate 8.5 lbs of food from Wednesday - Saturday.

    On 12-25-10 I weighed and counted 101 birds. I am hoping I miscounted and there are still 102, I can't imagine one just dissapeared. They average 4.4 ounces for a total weight of 28.05 of bird. I have a runt that weighs 2.2 oz (I think it's a bantam?) but the next smallest is 3.4 ounces. The biggest is 5 ounces. They have eaten a total of 37 pounds of feed.

    On 01-01-11 I there were 100 birds. I lost one to an accident and another has simply vanished. They average 7.5 ounces (not including the runt, for a total weight of 46.6 pounds of bird (including the runt. The runt (Gimley) weighs 3.2 oz but the next smallest is 6.6 ounces. The biggest is 9 ounces. They have eaten a total of 88 pounds of feed.

    As of 01-15-11 (sorry, I missed a week) I am sad to report that Gimley has passed away. He developed a respiratory problem and stopped eating. I did try to nurse him along, but he did not respond. The rest of the lot are all happy. Some of them are getting some kind of skin problem. They are missing feathers on their backs up next to where their wings are, and they have scabby dry skin. I did not see any 'bugs' but I moved their tractor off the shavings and onto fresh grass and they seem peppier. I will make it a point to move them at least every other day and see if the skin thing clears up by being off the shavings. I only weighed a sampling this weekend. The smallest was 9.8oz and the biggest was 15.2oz. The average of the ones I weighed (10/99) was 13.4oz. They have eaten a total of 217 pounds of feed.
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    is the 30% the only non-medicated feed you could find?
  5. Tiffrz-N-Kidz

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    Jul 29, 2010
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    My other option is Flock Raiser which is 20%. It's $15.25/bag and I was planning to switch to that in week 3.

    I am also planning to add whole oats in week 5. I can get 100# for $13 and one of the articles said adding fiber helps develop a stronger bird during weeks 5-13 .
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    Don't quote me, but I -think- if whole oats are fed then you need to provide grit. Can anyone else verify that? I want to say that most whole oats still have the shell on them.
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    Sep 1, 2010
    Quote:That is my understanding also. [​IMG]
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    Jul 29, 2010
    Aledo, TX
    Yes, grit will be offered as well starting week 3-4.

    The first batch I ever raised got a case of the 'blah's around that age. They weren't sick per se, but they were just not as active and peppy as they had been. I didn't think they needed it since they were on starter crumbles, but the feed store lady suggested offering the grit and they perked right up.

    I know they will especially need it to grind up the oats.
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    I offer my house raised chicks a large sandwich sized container or larger of sand with grit in it from the age of 3 days on. This way I do not have to worry if they find something different and snack on it. It also allows me to start them on mealworms in the next couple days. I also start them on whole grains within the first week.

    I started do this after watching my broodies offer sand/grit to their chicks starting on about day three.
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    Actually, from the research I have been doing, the problem with the oats is the type of protien they offer (sticky) and theat it is not readily digestable by poultry unless they are cooked. I found this interesting and thought to share.
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