Car Accident and question!!!


*A Scrambled Egg*
14 Years
Feb 8, 2009
So a lady crashed into my SUV today, side swiped me bc she wasn't paying attention, claims she didn't see me but I don't know how that's possible bc I have a massive SUV! Anyways, she was made "at fault" in the police report, which she was super mad I called the police and tried to blame me but it was evident in the damage that she was the one who was at fault. I contacted my insurance and they want me to pay my deductible, but since she hit me shouldn't her insurance cover it? I'm so confused... I literally was driving in my lane and she just slammed right into me, I didn't even have time to react and both my kids were in the car :( Ive never had a ticket, never had an accident, so this is all new to me... and quite frankly I don't want to be had.

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