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Apr 29, 2014
Hello fellow chicken lovers, my name is Gina and I'm proud Army wife, mother and home educator to 3 beautiful children, and a semi-homesteader living out in the country after being a city girl all my life. My eyes have been opened and country life nurtures my soul! We have 6 Buff Orpingtons (5 hens, 1 roo), 1 mini-pony (Frenchie), 2 billy pygmies named Thor and Loki, and a sweet Aussie Shepard named Mackenzie. Yesterday our 5 turkey chicks arrived...or tiny T-Rex's as the kids call them. My husband is getting ready to deploy and I'm not sure how I'm gonna do all of this without him but through God's strength, I gotta make it happen.

True to my title, I'm a gypsy at heart. I love lots of color, flavorful food, good music, and making beautiful things out of what others would throw out. I can often be found distressing painted furniture, pulling weeds in the garden, and reading to my kids under a shade tree. Aprons are my super-hero cape and oddly enough, I find fulfillment being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

I'm anxious to glean wisdom from you more experienced homesteaders, farmers, and chicken lovers. We have our first broody hen so it's time to check the threads!


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Mar 21, 2011
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Welcome to BYC!

Wow, you live a very fun loving life! Everyone should be so free in the soul as you are. :)

And I love your entire flock of critters! They must bring you such joy.

Make yourself at home here on BYC. If you have any questions, that is what we are here for. Welcome to our flock!


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Feb 18, 2011
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! congratulations on your new chicks, good luck with them! Sounds like you have really embraced the homesteading lifestyle. Thank your husband and you for his years of service, I hope all goes smoothly for all of you while he is gone.

Be sure to check out the BYC Learning Center, lots of good articles on all aspects of chicken keeping, and there are some good Broody Hen articles under the Raising Chicks section.
And this is a longgg thread on hatches with broody hens

There are some threads about using chickens and things related to them in homeschooling programs, ie
And it is always fun to check out your state thread for chicken keeping neighbors

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