Carcass weight vs live weight


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Mar 12, 2009
Can you all tell me what percentage you use to figure your carcass weights of Cornish X? I have read 63% and 67% for the colored meat birds, but I imagibe a 12 week feed out is a little different than a cornish. Maybe not.

Also can you tell me what weight broiler is the most popular to sell?

Thanks for your input!
The Cornish Cross loses between 25% and 33% of it's weight during processing. Each bird will be different but if you want to plan ahead and be conservative, figure that it loses 1/3.

so if this


is to be ~4lbs

then live weight should be between 5 and 5.5 lbs?

do you guys weigh your live birds to determine when to process? or just go by week date? or "they look right" what?
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Windsor Woods' advice was right on, so stick with the 1/3 rule for fryers. Yes, I weighed several in a bucket attached to a hanging feed bag scale. It only takes a few to be able to look at them and know they are ready after you have weighed them.

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