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    Has anyone hatched eggs using a simple cardboard box with only a light bulb? I've seen simple instructions for building one but it seems that the success rate for hatching would be low.
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    Ive used a styrofoam cooler and a light. And that was hard enough to regulate temperatures.

    I would imagine the cardboard box would be even harder to keep at the right temp.
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    Feb 4, 2008
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    I have seen cardboard boxes used for brooders but not for incubating. If you had several layers for insulation, it might work. Let us know if you decide to try it and how it works! [​IMG]
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    When we had muscovy many years ago we hatched a lot of their eggs inside of a fish tank with just a regular 60watt light bulb. no lid on it, don't recall using a thermometer either, just made sure to keep them warm and turn them everyday. They were inside of course.

    we had hens that would abandon their nests after 2-3ducklings hatched and some new nests that we found and brought in... because we had so many scovy's and wanted the babies to be used to people (easier to get rid of).

    they're suprisingly hardy eggs, i have a couple extra scovy & banty eggs that i was thinking of hatching in a tank w/light again.... I think i'll set it up today [​IMG]

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