Cardboard incubators


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Jun 13, 2009
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I read on how to make a cardboard incubator. I am wondering where the light would go. This will only be a one time incubator. how would the light be set up in the incubator. Picuters would be helpful
When I was a kid I made a cardboard bator. Had the top of the cardboard paper box replaced by a piece of plexiglass and suspended a lamp over it.

It was fun as a kid, but the hatch was poor and I ended up with a few messed up chicks that had to be culled. I now know that fluxuating temps can effect late stage development and result in splayed legs and unhealed navals.
Forgive me, as I know next to nothing about building a bator or even bating, but...........Won't the cardboard get kinda mushy from the humidity? And if you are going to all the trouble of building one of cardboard, wouldn't it be worth it to use styrafoam and make something that can be used again? Just asking.

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